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Not All fiber is created equal. Some remove toxins, fats, cholesterol, waste, from your system. Other sources aid digestion and regularity and some deliver heart health benefits. Shop bought fiber product metamucil, only contains 1 type of fiber and NO nutrition.

Understanding The Truth Behind The Juice Companies

Can You Handel It?

Nowadays, it seems like there are really quick fixes for everything everywhere.  Really is it all true?  With few exceptions, these juices claim to be the most powerful antioxidants available. Some claim to have “antioxidant super power.” So we decided to put these so-called “magic” juices to the test.

Statin Drugs Very Important Things You Should Know!!! Everyone Should Read This!

Buyer Be Aware

Cholesterol Lowering Drugs- What you need to understand. If lowering cholesterol is your concern, there are safer more effective ways of lowering cholesterol without the risks associated with prescription statin cholesterol drugs.

Provex CV – Brochure

A unique combination of natural ingredients paired with an
exclusive enzyme blend to promote absorption, PROVEXCV has shown great promise in helping to protect
one of the most important systems in the body: the cardiovascular system. In fact, early results in scientific
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