Approaching, Setting Appointments With Confidence

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Display a Genuine Interest in others is the best way to begin prospecting is to display a genuine interest in the other person, which brings us … to an often made point. When you’re the right kind of person, your chances of becoming an effective salesperson are much, much better. Here’s what I mean.

Some Great Tips From Great Leaders

Helping You Achieve Through TeamWork

Here are some great tips from leaders that have opened accounts before you and I that are terrific. You have to be YOU when talking to people, however you may like a few words in these. So these are just to help you.

Enjoy the read.

Setting Appoitments

Let The Phone Be Your Friend

Whether we are approaching someone locally, or calling a contact from a lead, your goal is simply to set an appointment, NOT to give a “mini- presentation.” You never want to say too much – just enough so that they will agree to listen to a quality presentation.