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Have you ever wanted to stay with leaders from around the world that are diving into your MORE REPORT, your 12 month business report, helping you personally with things that are you needing help with?  NOW YOU CAN!


VTEAM ALLIANCE is a group of marketing executives in the Australian market place that is lead by Ross and Cathy  Galbraith 5 times Marketing Executive of The Year in the Australasian market.

Each year they host a LEADERSHIP RETREAT, this year the partnership is between Josh 20/2 Grimley and Bonnie Wright amazing fast growing marketing executive teams from the USA.  What an experience for these teams to partner at this retreat.  Sitting down for strategy sessions with some of the best of the best up close and personal.

To secure your bed at the retreat a $ 200. Pp non refundable deposit is necessary, 15 spots remain and they will be allocated first come first deposit down.  

Click the RSVP button to secure your bed. Please email cathy@vteamalliance.com  if you are a single male , female or a couple (for sleeping arrangements).

Cost of the trip is $ 1,000 pp inclusive of 4 nights accommodation, meals, activities trainings NOV 5-9, OR a 3 nights accommodation retreat , meals, activities and trainings $ 750 NOV 9-11. If you would like to stay for 7 days, come into the retreat for the 4 and use the house as a hub and chillax $ 100 per night for a bed, $ 150 per night for a bed with meals.

We have set in place an Earn Pack Program, yours and your personals, points allocated to each activity as the highest points will be awarded the 4 night package remainder will be 3 nights.

Earn Back Calculations

** Yours and Your Personals Advancements


Director                    $ 50
Director 2                 $ 50
Director 3-9             $ 100 each advancements
SR- SR 5                    $ 150

SR 6 – ED                  $ 200

 You and your personals must maintain status through October 2015  for the amounts to be applied and awarded at the retreat.  Meaning the retreat is paid in full by the marketing executive, any play back money will be awarded by the enroller or support team ** if they have agreed to participate in this program.





Kailua Kona, HI 96740

Date: 11/02/2015
Time: 10:00am

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