Cathy and Ross

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The Galbraiths

Hi my name is Cathy Galbraith

I am the co-founder of the VTeam with my husband Ross and our leadership partners

We are busy proud parents of four healthy, happy and talented children aged between 10 and 23 – our family lifestyle and time together is something we now truly appreciate as a family!  Both my husband and I are able to work from home – a world apart from our life when we owned a traditional business.

We were traditional business owners, bricks and mortar business – rent, staff and all the overheads. You could say the business owned me and our time. I felt like I was drowning in it

- not a good feeling considering it was a scuba business!!  I really thought owning my own business would give us freedom, choices and financial security.  But  what I found after 10 years of hard work, the business owned me!  I was the last to be paid, the last to leave for the day and my family was coming last too – not healthy!  It all came to a head when I was pregnant with our second youngest child and Ross looked at me and said  “We’ve been in business 10 years and we are not getting ahead – we are going backwards every year – we have to change something”.
We started looking for a business with leverage, working hard was ok but smarter not harder.  We were interested in a home based business so the research began on the internet reading through the good, the bad and the ugly.  We interviewed professionals that were presenting residual income in their businesses, spoke to people who had supposedly been self-made in home based business. We were sponges for information and we just had to sift through it I settled on a party plan business for 20 months, a short apprenticeship and training, but realized it was not a business of repeat ordering – we were disheartened.  The business was really built by selling thousands of dollars of inventory up front to other distributers and then people were expected to make the sales to make profit.  Unfortunately many ended up being burdened with stock they could not sell – thousands of dollars that would end up sitting in the corner of garages around the country.  Quiet dusty dreams. The company did not care if the distributers knew how to move it, sell it or distribute it.  Most were mums like me, that just wanted to add to the household income and they were spending more than they were making – how did that make sense?  They had a garage full of inventory and a credit card maxed out!  This did not sit well for us so we set out to find something better!
We started our education all over again, laser focused on a real business to last a lifetime. Knowing now that we had the discipline to grow a business from home, however we were just in the wrong vehicle.  We had a fine tuned check list of what we WANTED and NEEDED to partner with a company that we would be proud to be associated with and give our most valuable asset to grow – our time. We discovered a partnership to work with a world class Wellness Company with a high monthly repeat order rate and real residual income to last a lifetime, now that made sense!  In less than 4 years our family’s future looks so much healthier than only a few short years ago. Ross and I have had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of changing the course of many family’s financial circumstances, by partnering together and building a business with them. Simply by sharing the incredible brands with people just like you! People doing business with people – and no-one gets left with a garage full of dusty dreams! Now that makes sense!
The Company is based on solid principles, and continues to break records in the online ordering, catalogue shopping business arena, year after year. They offer real brands that people are really using, week after week, and month after month.
Take the time to learn all that they have to offer and you’ll be glad that you did! If you enjoy helping others, and want to make a positive impact on both your life, and the lives of others this could be what you are looking for.
Let’s get dreaming again – and not settle on a good life!  Let’s build a GREAT ONE – your time starts NOW!



Cathy Galbraith