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FB Posts – Why our Omega 3′s vs Others

Why our omega threes vs others

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Finally, U.S. Doctors And Researchers Agree With Our Scientists! … Our Competitor’s vitamin supplements are essentially worthless!

  In a recent editorial published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, a group of physicians who reviewed three studies published by other researchers concluded that the types of vitamin and mineral supplements sold by Melaleuca’s competitors are of no benefit to your health whatsoever. Worse than that, they may do more harm than good! […]

Help For Eczema And Psoriasis

There Is A Real Solution

  CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES ECZEMA/ PSORIASIS Hi everyone, I was sitting at the airport lounge waiting for my flight to go to Brisbane for road to senior lady next to me asked be to look after her coffee while she went to the bathroom. We got chatting and found out that she has 4 . . […]

FB Post – Help For Autoimmune and Celiac Disease

It Works!

Our immune system is ever vigilant, ready to mount an attack against invaders. It uses inflammation to contain and destroy microbes and other substances that it recognizes as foreign, or not belonging to the body. Have you ever had a splinter in your finger and not removed it right away?

Help For Prostate Health

Educate Men on Their Health

After the age of 50 approximately one half of all men experience symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Although BPH is not a cancer risk, doctors do recommend that men over the age of 50 need both an annual prostate examination and a PSA blood test. The PSA test measures inflammation in the prostate, but a high score does not automatically indicate cancer. It indicates the prostate is enlarged and needs further investigation.

Finally, U.S. Doctors And Researchers Agree With Our Scientists! … Our Comptetitor’s vitamin supplements are essentially worthless!

The Truth Is Good Enough

The results of the editorial published in the Annals of Internal Medicine were based on three research studies looking at the effects of multivitamins on preventing heart attacks and cancer, as well as improving cognitive function in men older than 65. “Most supplements do not prevent chronic disease or death, their use is not justified and they should be avoided,” the editorial stated. CLICK POST TITLE TO READ MORE..

Great Products for Acne, Dry Feet and Losing Weight

Self Confidence - Skin

I tried herbs, meds, potions, lotions, chants, & skin care regimes…..but now my face has never been this clear

Help to Understand Common Ingredient Questions


Common Ingredient Questions – the product line is available to all customers Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm

Understanding The Truth Behind The Juice Companies

Can You Handel It?

Nowadays, it seems like there are really quick fixes for everything everywhere.  Really is it all true?  With few exceptions, these juices claim to be the most powerful antioxidants available. Some claim to have “antioxidant super power.” So we decided to put these so-called “magic” juices to the test.

Please Be AWARE of Asthma Drug Advair… more and share

Pass This Information Around and HELP SOMEONE TODAY!

I can assure everyone if a vitamin or any natural supplement was linked to 1,900 deaths, that supplement would be banned and made illegal to sell. Not to mention all the money the manufacturer of that drug made off the “unknowing” consumers from the drug Advair.

Hopefully someday asthma suffers will realize there are better options for prevention and to eliminate the symptoms of asthma without the risk of losing your health or your life.