2017 Is Your Year!

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My biggest achievement to date, is easy but I wonder if we all say this. It truly is MY business!


Whilst I have not yet reached where I want to be, every advancement has given me a boost in my life and I’m not even talking financial.
I have always loved being there for people and helping them as much as I can, however in the past, I’ve often been taken for granted and walked all over. This never happens in this amazing business. You help, people and they appreciate  your efforts, which is so emotionally rewarding. 
On the weekend if I’m not busy working on my business you will find me pottering around on my horse property, spending time with my beautiful grandchildren. I’ve lived on the land for 25yrs and would never change that, I’m definitely a country girl at heart.
I could not live without my grandchildren – they are the light in my life.
I am inspired by all the people I help in my business. I love helping others to financial freedom but still my main inspiration comes from watching many customers health improve through wonderful value driven brands affordable by all.
Many customers that inspire me now are often those that I can see the results of helping. 
The secret to my success is truly about how much I am inspired to help people reach their goals both health wise and financially. 
About me:
I married very young, had three children, worked 18yrs in retail, when I moved to the country for a better life for my children, I left retail and took on cleaning houses, so I was home when needed for my children.
Two years later, my marriage ended due to abuse and was left to bring up my children solely on my own. My ex husband moved interstate and totally turned his back on his children both emotionally and financially. I did it on my own for 5 years, it was tough but I was determined not to lose the family property, so took on more work. I had no social life, just did what I could to survive and do as much as I could for my children, who were my life. 
After five years doing it solo, I met my second partner in life, however after 14 years he walked out of my life. It was a very tough time for me and I struggled daily for several months.
As they say when one door closes, many open, I met a very special lady who has help me change my life for the better. I met my beautiful friend/business partner Yvette.
Due to huge family set backs in my life, and health issues late last year, the passion for my business has never failed me.
I am not computer savvy so my way may be simple but for now it seems to be working.  I am always learning and open to learning more each and every day.
My Goal is to help my children and grandchildren financially. I want to be able to take them on many trips and holidays and give them some fun times to remember.