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Your Health In Your Hands

I wanted to write and tell you about the difference that Melaleuca supplements have made in my life. I am 32 and was diagnosed with diabetes during my last pregnancy (2 years ago). I was in denial for about 6 months (after our son was born) and did absolutely nothing for my diabetes. I didn’t check my blood sugar, nor took insulin. Nothing.

Fibromyalgia – A New Lease on Life

I have a new lease on life after suffering for over ten years with severe muscle pain, chronic fatigue and continual flu-like symptoms. At first I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and advised to use a C-Pap device while sleeping in order to help me with proper breathing.

Live From the USA: Preparing for your Future


Live From the USA: Preparing for your Future. “The Boom Ahead”. This is key for people to listen to have a think about their future, from a job to a career to retrenched to uncertainty.

Sonja and Richard


We are very excited about this chance to get off the treadmill and re-write our futures.

What we really want is the flexibility and freedom to invest in the lives of our five remarkable children and to create legacies in the lives of other people. That’s where we find our fulfuillment. Having recently discovered the company we now have found a completely different pathway to achieve the things we want.

Simplifying Your Approach

simplify your appraoch


Convention 2011.

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Simply Switching Stores Survey

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Becoming a shopper with us is not about spending more money! It’s simply about switching stores, to better quality, toxic free, exceptional products!

Protected: Public: Why Mums are Partnering With Us

Why Does Working From Home Make Sense To Mums

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Member: Us Vs Party Plan:  Why Mums are Partnering With Us

Having The Money and Time Freedom To Do What Is Most Important To You

This is a terrific podcast from one of the best of the best.  Learning that party plan ladies, direct sales ladies are out there and wondering themselves if they have residual income.  What is it?

Essential Daily Nourishment


Essential Daily Nourishment, from our podcast.

5 Critical Phone Calls to Follow Up


5 Critical Phone Calls to Follow Up, from our podcast by Jenny Poett