A Little About Who We Are

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  The V Team was founded 8 years ago from a need to achieve more out of life and to team up with people just like us!

Sounds “hairy fairy”, however true.  As a mum of 4 children work life balance looked, well “Out Of Balance” and we thought there must be people out there just like us.

Our Vision was to build from the ground up a global team of like minded people.

People just like us that  simply don’t want to settle for good they strive for GREAT in their families and lives.

Perhaps they had seen their parents work hard and still not get ahead, they had exchanged so much of  their time in traditional or corporate business and really were not rewarded or appreciated. Perhaps we could locate people that were really ready for a change!

  I said to my husband once, ” A  JOB pays for our life however what is paying for our lifestyle?”  This question made us toss and turn at night.

We found that if we partnered up with a company that really had small business at heart, a company that really could help us and others win, we could be set up for life and leave a legacy for many.  Best of all, no need for a marketing degree just a desire for more out of life and your time here.

We found such a company and we have been lifting and leading such a team. We are so blessed to have ordinary folks teaming up with us, creating free enterprise businesses across the globe.  We reach from Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and Europe.  

I pinch myself each day that so few years ago, we can now rest our head at night and feel like not only are we at financial peace but we are leaving a legacy of this concept with many.


Cathy and Ross Galbraith


Our world continues to change rapidly. Whether you are looking to supplement your current income, embark on a new career, or create a consistent stream of reliable income, we have a solution that can work for you. VTEAM ALLIANCE operates in the Health/Wellness and “Green” markets.

These markets are recession proof, universal, and will be in global demand for generations.

VTEAM ALLIANCE provides a proven way for anyone with a strong work-ethic, and from any walk of life or background, to utilize their existing skills to become successful. With our business there is:

  • NO Inventory
  • NO Selling Products
  • NO Taking orders or Making Deliveries
  • NO Risk
  • NOT M.L.M.business model
  • Part-time or Full-time
  • No Ceiling  Earnings
  • Work from home office
  • Work with a team of successful professionals who will personally teach/coach you how to succeed

Now that is people helping people! It’s really that simple!

We have been able to help thousands of people earn immediate income and plan for their futures. They know that what they do today, will continue to reward them down the road. That’s a powerful and unique concept!

Why are we called the V Team?



Cathy and Ross GalbraithCathy and Ross Galbraith